Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MORE matthew mead, can you take it??

brace yourself! matthew mead, the newly declared king of candy corn,
has created a new book called Entertaining Simple.

and he has paired with my new blog friend linda over at restyled home to give away 20 free copies of his book!! TWENTY!

now i know i won one of his halloween books and it may not be fair to win another one, but c'mon...look at all this goodness...

how could i not post?! and how could you NOT enter?!

when i look at some of this yumminess, my head gets all dreamy and nostalgic, thinking about ideas for our annual pumpkin carving party and our small thanksgiving brunch and of course, a christmas card party.

because at the heart of all of these things, it's about making memories and not killing yourself to make your home beautiful or the food appetizing. it's about keeping it simple, using things you already have or things that are within your reach, and doing things for your family that they will remember and do for their families.

entertaining simple. it might just become my new mantra.

check out linda's site and of course you can always buy matthew's new book here or at bookstores across the us and canada.

now go, go and enter, but don't you dare win my copy!

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