Wednesday, October 29, 2008

funny girl

anna has been making me laugh lately, even more than usual.
today was no exception.

ben was crawling around, getting into anything he could get his hands on. he grabbed a walmart bag filled with packs of cups from the pumpkin party that i need to return. i looked over and he had one of the cups in his mouth and was chewing on it. i said, "ben! oh man, i guess now i can't take those back!" anna, looking at me with the sincerest face, said, "we better get some Mighty Putty, huh?"
i laughed for almost ten minutes.

then, as i was trying to get the kids out the door, yelling at josh for not moving fast enough, anna said to me, completely out of the blue, "mommy, remember when we found that big, gigantic, fat POOP in my room that bucky made?"
yes, once, a long time ago, our dog pooped in her room. so what made her think of that?
who knows.

but i laughed again until i cried.
and i laughed again when i told john.

and we both cried.

i love this child.

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