Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween pics

i'm a little late, but here they are--the kitty witch, the pirate and the spider!

we took lots of pictures with our neighborhood friends too.
everyone looked so cute!

i love halloween. i really do. it's my favorite time of the year.
but this year, all i've heard (all day. every day.) since halloween night, is "can i have some candy? PPPPLLLEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEE!!!"

and honestly it's wearing me down. in fact this morning, at precisely 6:40am, josh and anna both had some candy.

mother-of-the-year award, here i come.

yesterday we finished up with our fall sports.
anna had her last soccer game and got a shiny new medal.
josh had his last football game, scored the winning touchdown (more stress for mom!), and they finally won a game! then he got a big ol' trophy at his party at chuck e. cheese.

please forgive me for my extra wide grin, but i just got back my thursdays and saturdays!

can i get a woot woot?

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nana said...

Hey Guys! The pictures are great! I was beginning to wonder if ya'll went out with the neighborhood kids because i like seeing them too. Hope you had a great time and got lots of candy! Love to all,Nana