Thursday, October 2, 2008

thank you matthew mead!! (insert smiley face here!)

it finally came.

my lovely package from mr. matthew mead himself!

with much anticipation, i carefully opened the box,

unwrapped my lovely hardback collector's edition of his halloween book,

read the autograph and smiled.

the kids dove into the goodies that also came.

candy filled party favors and a sweet little owl cup.

perfect for me since the owls are my most favorite things in his book!
i was so happy and couldn't believe my luck!
even john commented on how COOL it was to get something like this.

anna set off to make matthew a thank you picture.

she worked hard,

and made two--twin pumpkins

with designer, alternating black and orange letters for her autograph.

thank you matthew! thank you linda!
today i felt very special because of you and i am humbled by your generosity!
thank you. so. very. much.


restyled home said...

Wow!!! Look at all those little extras!! I am seriously jealous!
I didn't get any candy...


nana said...

Amy you hit the jackpot! I'm glad you decided to post a picture of yourself. Your hair and "make-up" look great. I'll see all of you real soon! Love to all,Nana