Wednesday, November 26, 2008

nasty stomach bug

ben must have rotovirus or another equally as nasty stomach bug.

he has been sent home from daycare and continues to have one or two massive blow-outs a day. and when i say 'blow-out' i really mean like something more along the lines of natural disaster in his pants. seriously.

so the other night around 10:30pm, john and i started turning off lights and the tv, getting ready to go to bed.

i thought maybe i smelled something nasty and blamed it on the sleeping dog. "what did he eat today?" i asked with a sour face.

as we both proceeded upstairs and reached the landing, i smelled it more and more. "good God, that dog stanks!"

as we made our rounds from bedroom to bedroom, tucking in children, the smell followed me. "ughhh, nasty, nasty, farting dog."

then we entered ben's room. OH. MY. DEAR. LORD.

then the gagging started. both of us.

i went to turn on the light and john to tend to ben. before i reached the lamp, but after john picked up ben, i heard john yell, "oh God, there's poop all over my arms."

he quickly put ben down and ran to the bathroom to start a bath. i turned on the light and saw my sweet boy grinning at me in his crib--poop literally up to his armpits.

no exaggeration.

the poop was up his back and chest, all the way from his toes to his armpits.

and boy was he happy to see us. he giggled all through his bath and while i tried to rock him back to sleep.

i am grateful that john and i were both there to take care of the mess. it was definitely a two-man job.

and you may ask what about the dog? well, he slept through all of it.

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