Tuesday, November 4, 2008

new background and benny bright eyes

i found this new background at thecutestblogontheblock.com.
what do you think? too much?
maybe, i'm sorta a simple kind of girl.
but i love the flowers. and the buttons.
i think i'll live with it for a day or two and see what happens.

by the way, did you happen to notice ben boy's newest pic of the week? john was washing his hair in the tub and josh said we needed to take a picture of his mohawk. too cute!

i wish i could explain to you how much ben has matured in the past few weeks. he is really becoming an ornery (but sweet) little toddler. he rarely cries during his therapies now and definitely communicates much more clearly what he wants and doesn't want. and most importantly, he is doing a lot more independent and interactive play. i gush over him every chance i get.

you know when ben was born, no one could tell me what his prognosis was. "you'll have to wait and see" was the saying of the day. people asked me if i knew "how severe" his down syndrome was, as if he was in a car accident or something. even one of my closest neighbors told me a story a few days after his birth where she recently saw a child with DS at her pediatrician's office and pointed out to her children that ben was going to be like him. and i know she had the best of intentions, but i felt like once she told them that, she simply labelled him, as well as the little boy, as different. and it hurt me deeply. no one wants their child to be labelled as different. different sometimes equates to bad or weird, right?

well, all of that doesn't matter now. sometimes i see the DS and sometimes i don't. mostly i see a sweet, smiling boy who is interested in the world around him and who is getting stronger mentally and physically a little more every day. a boy who loves to throw balls and chase his sister and giggle when i kiss his neck.

i don't know why i started to gab on and on about my benny bright eyes, but i just can't help it. when you love someone so deeply and so completely, sometimes you just can't help but tell people about it!
ok, enough of that. gotta run. oh, one more thing, check out lisaleonard.com TODAY! she makes the most beautiful jewelry (i have two of her necklaces and nana has one too).

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