Sunday, November 23, 2008

pumpkin parfaits and the giddies

last week i made mini pumpkin parfaits for anna's thankgiving luncheon.
they were super easy and super yummy!

you layer vanilla pudding, pumpkin bread, caramel sauce and whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon. all kinds of goodness!

i made about sixty parfaits and there wasn't even one left.
so i'm thinking everyone liked them!

this weekend we have been spending lots of time inside because it's so chilly outside.
to say we have cabin fever (already) is an understatement.
besides being tired of looking at tv and at each other, we get the giddies.
you know, when you laugh at nothing and everything is funny.
ben and anna had the giddies big time this afternoon.

will someone please get these children under control??!!
they were wild!!

but where was josh you ask? at daniel's house. again.
if he wasn't at daniel's, he was asking to go there or whining to play video games so much that i secretly wished he was there. (i know, it's a horrible thing to admit, but it's the truth).

tomorrow i have to go back to work so my eczema will be returning shortly. anyone out there need to hire an aerospace engineer?

there is something to look forward to though--i get to put up my work christmas tree this week!
now that's exciting!

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