Thursday, November 20, 2008

to mystery jody:

a very kind lady named jody left me the sweetest comment on my blog the other day, after my big rant.

jody, thank you very much for your kindness. your comment made me smile and made me remember why i do this blog--i like to keep it real! and even if i have those bad days, the good days definitely outweigh all the bad. that's for sure! your comment really meant so much. thank you!

in other very exciting news, our little ben boy is officially moving up to the toddler class at school. yup, the very class where he will sit at a table and sit in a chair to eat his lunch and where he will lay down on his little cot on his napmat (reminder to self: buy new napmat!) like a growing boy!

this is a very, no, VERY big deal in our house. of course there is much nervousness and apprehension, but there is also excitement and relief. he is blossoming and no longer seems like the fragile and ill little baby we had for so long. can i get an AMEN?!

so we'll see how it goes. and of course i'll keep you posted.

one last thing. a quick idea and craft for our thanksgiving centerpiece.

don't you just love it? on each leaf we'll be writing what we are thankful for this year.

and although it's been a rough week, i'm thinking we're gonna need more leaves!

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Kelli said...

We have nap mats in the office for $26.00. :)