Sunday, December 21, 2008

checking in

i'm still recovering from my trip to houston.
it wasn't very long, only a few days, but i worked long hours.
i'm still so very tired.

but christmas is in full swing around here.
no time to rest.
our home is full of homemade christmas ornaments, fresh baked desserts, christmas music, lots of beautiful and fun wrapping paper and lots of mugs full of hot cocoa.
oh, and three EXCITED children!

see what i mean?
still so much to do.
still have a few presents to buy and some stocking stuffers.
and then there's the guest room...which looks like santa's workshop right now.
in less than four days it needs to look like, well, a guest room.
i bet your family is super busy too. only a few days to go to the big day!

1 comment:

nana said...

The gingerbread house looks amazing! I can not wait to see all of you. Hope you have our room ready for us! Only 4 days left till we see you! Love and Kisses,Nana