Sunday, December 14, 2008

crafting with anna

this weekend was full to the max.
christmas is fast approaching and there is much to do.
anna was as busy as an elf. using last year's christmas cards.
cutting, glueing, taping, stickering.

we worked together and i made some gift tags for the kids' teachers.
just a little something handmade always makes me happy.
i hope they like them too.

later the kiddos checked out the train.
ben was curious at first, but later got nervous and scared.
he's not liking the train very much.

but anna the fearless loves it.

i finally wrapped some gifts and put them under the tree.
now they are trying to figure out what they are. it's hilarious listening to them guess.

josh is freaking out over christmas this year.
he asks at least 100 times a day to be able to open a gift.
all anna wants is a live animal. of any kind. uh oh.

tonight i'm nervous and sad. i have to travel for work tuesday through thursday.
thinking about it makes me all weird feeling inside.
and my arms start to itch.
at least josh says he'll miss me. that makes me feel so much better.
i don't know how i'll manage, but i'm sure i will.

but if you see a cute guy running down the road screaming it might just be john. after all, he'll be taking of all three kids by himself...

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Kelli said...

I'll give anna and ben extra kisses at school. :)