Wednesday, December 31, 2008

getting back in the swing of things

we have spent the better part of the past week in our pajamas, eating cookies and watching so many movies and football games.
and that's just the way we like spending the holidays!

christmas came without a hitch and the kiddos were so thankful this year! i have to admit, and maybe brag a bit, but the kids really surprised me christmas morning. they were so thoughtful and kind to each other, and instead of tearing into their gifts, wanted to take their time and watch each person open each gift. they totally got into the spirit of christmas too--wanting to see how we liked what they picked out for john, me, or each other. we must have taken almost two hours to open everything! but it was so awesome to see their happy faces and to feel how excited they were. they even wanted to go to bed at 7pm christmas eve so santa could come early! 7pm!

later in the day, ben napped, anna played with her littlest pet shop toys and josh played his psp, john and i laughed at how quiet the house was! it felt like everyone was content to just 'be'. and it was so, so nice.

my parents came down christmas night and we have also been spending time making memories with them. playing games, watching movies, lots of good food, lots of snuggling on the couch. one funny thing poppy started was a game at the dinner table where everyone hums a tune they know and whoever guesses it correctly goes next. the kiddos LOVED that and i think we played it every night they were here! it was so sad to see them leave yesterday morning. there's a sad, almost overwhelming feeling that comes over me whenever they go--and i can't shake it for a few days afterwards. i miss them so much it hurts. and i hope with all my heart that this year is the year they can make the move down south to be with us.

tonight we have simple plans. the older kids get to stay up late if they want to, eat homemade popcorn and watch the ball drop. anna and i already picked up funny hats and horns too. but i bet we'll be doing all that pretty early in case they just can't make it too long. or maybe it's because i don't think i'll make it to midnight either!

i've been thinking a lot about the new year, contemplating resolutions, and making plans. i've always been a planner. i think even when i was in the 2nd grade i had a plan. it's an illness, really, but i better save that discussion for another post.

after i had ben, i realized that plans are somewhat ridiculous. it's nice to have an idea of what you want to do, but there is no 'confirmation number' given out for any of our plans. so this new year, i want to stop planning every detail and instead, live and live well.

i'll post more about it tomorrow. what are your resolutions?

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