Friday, January 2, 2009

a simple thank you

yesterday, wrapped in our newspaper, was a thank you card.
it was from our paper carrier.

i had totally forgot that i mailed her a card for christmas, a simple card, with $10 in it. and i had anna sign it too. inside i told her it wasn't much, but that we appreciated her and merry christmas.

so you can imagine my surprise when i received a thank you from her.
and it was so touching.
she wrote anna a special note that said, "Anna, I love your pretty card. It is on my refrigerator now. Thank you!"

it made me smile and again, remember the reason for the season.

even though the christmas decorations are put away and the cookies all gone, the music has stopped playing and the lights are all wrapped up, christmas spirit still is here. and i'm so thankful once again for that small baby in a manger that changed our lives forever.

resolutions are still being pondered. i promise i'll post soon about my thoughts...even if only to officially document my goals for this new year.

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