Thursday, December 11, 2008

squid hair

yesterday afternoon i got my haircut.
nothing major, just cleaned up.

but i made the mistake of telling the stylist that i was growing tired of my "do."

so before i knew it, i had some long layers put in and my hair was a few inches shorter.

but still not that much different really.

when i got home, and asked john if he liked it, he told me it looked a little like a squid in the back.

what the crap? did he just say squid?


and when i started moaning about how "that wasn't very nice and what was that supposed to mean anyways," he very quickly back-tracked.

"that's a NICE thing, really!"

squid hair? nice.

i don't think so.

update: john told me again that he meant no harm.
{no presents for him}

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