Monday, December 8, 2008

christmas time is near

it's starting to look more like christmas around here.
this weekend john took on the brave task of decorating the outside of the house.
a trip to lowe's and one big extension pole later, this is what we ended up with.

not too bad, huh?

remember our pumpkin carving party?
it's a shame to throw away all of those awesome pumpkins.
plus, times are tough. we have to get creative.
so we made this (or should i say, we made him):

he has a grand spot on our front porch so he can say hello to all our visitors (you know, the mail man, uncle jay and the neighbor's cat).

still lots more to do and not too much time left to do it.
josh reminded me just tonight, only 17 days until the big day!


JZELLER said...

Amy, your house is so gorgeous! I am so jealous of how you guys can do some much & take care of 3 kids to boot! You inspire us all. You do. And I love, love your pumpkin man! You rock. J

nana said...

John did an amazing job decorating! I love the pumpkin idea too! How very clever you are. Hope to see all of you soon. Miss you all lots and lots. Hugs and kisses to everyone! Love Nana

nana said...

Dad wants to know where you got the idea for the pumpkin snowman? He thinks you should call Martha with this idea! Love Nana