Monday, January 26, 2009

cabin fever

we had extreme cabin fever this weekend.
now that we live in the south, we are spoiled by the warm weather.
so when it's cold, we hibernate, hunker down and try to stay sane.

it started with simon says,

then turned into the mexican jumping bean game,

then, when brothers ruin it,

it turns to tears. so much for staying sane.

i still am not feeling all that good and now john isn't either.
after josh's dentist appointment, i decided to stay home one more day and john surprised me by doing the same.

while he slept, i crafted. all. by. myself.

i raided my fabric cabinet and turned one of anna's new plain white tees into this-- for valentine's day of course.

i may add something more, but i kind of think less is more here. i used that iron on transfer paper (i forget what it's called, but quilters use it) and then used the button in the middle to keep all the layers attached. when i wash it, the edges will fray, but because i didn't want it all to fray, i just hand stitched around the edges of the biggest heart. you could also do a zig zag stitch with your sewing machine, but i'm too lazy to pull mine out. and it's broken.

this past weekend, during the hibernation, josh found this old photo album that i had put all the kiddos ultrasound pictures in. i was so thankful he found it, but realized just how ugly the album was. so i decided to make this too.

i recovered it with some martha stewart wrapping paper and some leftover ribbon from my fall decorating. and i also used a business card holder and some scrapbooking flowers.

now i don't think i'll lose it again! and it's so pretty. not perfect, but much more like me.

i love making cute stuff for FREE! what kind of good stuff do you have just waiting to be used?

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Tracey T. said...

Hi Amy,
I don't know you if you received my other e-mail. I'm guessing you didn't... Well your children are beautiful. I am so happy for you and your adorable family. Miss ya, Tracey Hoover-Tamburro xoxo