Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i just don't understand

i've been home sick for two days now.
i feel achey, stuffy, fuzzy.

yesterday, john took anna to the dentist in the morning.
afterwards, he called to say she was crying and didn't want to go to school.
"no problem," i said, "i'm just sitting around watching the inauguration.
bring her home. it's been kind of too quiet around here anyway."

too quiet??! (yep, i'm sick)

then about an hour after he brought her home, josh's school called.
he had been to the nurse's office twice and needed to be picked up.

so anna and i packed up and drove to the school.
josh looked pale, but perked up when he got in the car.
had i been dupped? i still don't know. but this morning he was achey and coughing too, so here we are again.

sick me and sick josh.

but now back to the title of this post.

when you're sick and stuck at home all day, you start noticing weird things about your house.

so here are a couple of things i just don't understand:

~ how do dirt and crumbs get into the silverware holder? i only put clean silverware in the drawer, but oh my goodness does it get dirty in there!
~ why is it that john can cook tilapia with shrimp in a garlic tomato sauce over rice but can't figure out what to feed the kiddos?
~ why does my sink look like this?

~ if i died today, would anyone in my household ever make their bed again? or brush their teeth?
~ when is my new pottery barn light going to get here? (i love xmas gift cards!!)
~ why doesn't john care that the sink looks like that, but walked in yesterday with my front door's wreath holder in his hand. the hanging wreath holder with no wreath on it was bothering him! what the?!

i'm still feeling fuzzy. must lay down.


Kelli said...

You are cracking me up!! I was out three days last week with either a stomach bug or the flu. I hope you all feel better soon! My husband always walks around talking about how messy our house is and unorganized, however, I have cleaned out our desk area at least three times now since he has moved in. I have a place for everything. Basket for bills, files for papers, etc...However, when he "cleans", it is stuffing things in drawers to where now I cannot even open them!! Then he had the gall to ask me this week if I would clean the desk! I can't complain too much though, he does way more around the house than I do, but it just seems what I do keeps having to be redone......

Damon and Nancy said...

...hope you are all better soon. We miss you at work!

Can you answer this one: Why can a woman clean the entire house, not because she is asked, but because it is necessary - and then, a man can straighten up one shelf and he has to be praised beyond belief?
...get better...