Tuesday, January 6, 2009

little fingers

every day i wear this necklace.

it was given to me by my three kiddos last year and it's become a part of me.
it reads maman je t'aime which means mom i love you in french.

and every night, when i put ben to sleep, i rock him for a few minutes to settle him down and to get in some last snuggles for the night.
as we rock and listen to his lullaby music, his chubby little fingers play with my necklace.
he touches it and rubs it and sometimes gives it a gentle tug. but ultimately, as i listen to his breathing slow down and feel his head getting heavy on my shoulder, he falls asleep clenching my heart in his hand.

literally and figuratively.

i love this child.


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nana said...

We all love this child sooooo very much. Love to this sweet child from Nana and Poppy. Miss you sweet one! Love to all, Nana