Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ben's feeling better

thanks for all the concern.
our ben boy seems to be almost back to himself.

but now anna's got it.
she threw up three times tonight and went to bed at 7pm.
not good.

at one point, josh looked at me and said, "mom, it's just you and me left."
i asked him, "are you feeling ok?"
"yeah," he said, "i don't feel sick, but i sure feel nervous!"

the house is mostly picked up and all the kids are in bed.
time to bake.
i promised to bring these to the preschool for the teachers tomorrow.

bakerella's chocolate chip cookie dough brownies.
the house smells so freaking good. yummmmm. i'm waiting for them to cool so i can put some chocolate frosting on next. OMG. sinful.

i can't end this post without making a correction to some earlier posts.

the "coworker" that told me about all the sick kids in ben's class isn't just a coworker. she's a great friend and a super cool mom that i love to hang out with. so is her officemate! and one more thing: those power point printouts that some parents give the teachers are perfectly adorable and sweet. my layouts are in no way better. it's the thought that counts anyways! gheez you guys are so sensitive. again, another wonderful quality of my very wonderful and amazing friends that i just happen to work with that in no way are just mere "coworkers!"

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