Tuesday, February 24, 2009

keepin' on

today was a little better.
ben stayed home with me this morning and john stayed with him this afternoon.
he actually ate supper with us and seemed more like himself.
but it still comes and goes.

he had another {SUPERHUMAN POOP EPISODE} last night.
i thought we had it bad a couple of months ago...but NO!
this time i thought we would die from affixiation. and we threw away his pajamas. for. real.
but i digress...

this week is teacher appreciation at the kids' preschool.
all the parents make each teacher an artwork book.
i use that term loosely because most people just print out a power point picture of their child and a nice note.
don't get me wrong, they are adorable.
but i'm an overacheiver. you know that.
last year i pretended i was a scrapbooker and made cute layouts.
all the teachers loved them.
so this year i had to play pretend scrapbooker again.
i love scrapbooking supplies, they make me drool, but really, i have NO talent at this.

john helped me (I SWEAR!) and did one of the layouts.
here's a couple that we did. turned out ok i guess.
at 10:30 last night, they were good enough.

tonight anna had dance class and so it's a late night for everyone.
but while i checked my emails and anna and john read together, i looked over and saw this:

what? no video game? no friend over? no pouting?
he's actually enjoying reading! it's a miracle!

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