Saturday, February 21, 2009

happy birthday nana!

we wanted to take a second and wish nana the happiest of birthdays!

we really miss you tons!

and hope you have the best day ever! you deserve it.
and for poppy that says we never think of him at not true!!
we love you and miss you too!
i am so thankful for you both, every single day.

in other news, ben is still really sick. john took him to the doctor this morning and i'm waiting to hear from him. i'm actually feeling scared--there's all kinds of things that could be wrong--or it could be as simple as a stomach bug. but i've learned when it comes to kids with ds, it's rarely ever so simple.

fingers crossed.


Damon and Nancy said...

be sure to let us know how your 'Benny Boy' is. Nancy

Kelli said...

What was the outcome with Ben??