Saturday, February 21, 2009

ben boy update

well, the on-call doctor said ben probably just had a stomach virus.
or maybe an early ear infection.
or maybe he ate something that gave him bad gas.
or maybe he was teething.
or maybe it was the virus causing severe nausea.

so, to say we weren't thrilled with the "diagnosis" is an understatement.
and when he woke up from his nap crying so badly and was basically unconsolable, we decided to take him to the pediatric er.

five and a half hours later, we're home with again no real news.
they did an ultrasound and an x-ray of his tummy, which only showed major constipation and lots and lots of gas. the nurse gave him a small enema (sorry guys) and sent us on his way.

right now, after $20 worth of prescriptions, $30 copay for the doctor, $150 copay for the hospital, he is sleeping soundly in his bed.
am i complaining about the expenses? no way.
it was 100% worth it. and i'm hoping he's on the upswing.

now...just when i thought we were in the clear, john told me at the hospital that he was starting to feel sick too. lots of rumbling down below and lots of nausea too.
he barely made it home before running to the bathroom. i hope i don't have to take him to the doc tomorrow.


thanks for all your concern. love y'all!

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Kelli said...

Let me know if you need help with anything! I am glad to hear it was nothing serious with sweet Ben.