Thursday, March 26, 2009

ben is 2!

first of all, thank you for everyone who came by my office today to say hi.
i appreciate the fact that pretty much all of you have been in my shoes at one time or another.
i especially appreciate the extra hugs (thanks jz!) because they really do help!

now, on to much brighter subjects!...
today is ben's 2nd birthday. second, as in TWO YEARS OLD!
how did that happen?
i can't believe it's been that long already. it really does seem like only yesterday he was born and our lives were turned upside down.
we didn't know it then, but everything has a way of working itself out and ben seems to fit in our little family just perfectly.
i can't imagine my life without him. ever.

tonight we celebrated with just us. and a couple of fun gifts. and one big cake.
enjoy some funny pics.

ben with his new toys.

and of course he loved the cake. imagine that.

for me? you shouldn't have!

yeah for me!

oh boy did he enjoy the cake!
he's caught!
ummm, i didn't think you'd notice the mess...

tomorrow we'll celebrate with his preschool class and then uncle bob and aunt julie are coming over for dinner.
it's a regular benapalooza! {and why not, right?!}


Danyele Easterhaus said...

2 years old...and could ben be more handsome??? my brooke just said, 'he is really cute, mom.'

...Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Ben! :-) Happy Anniversary Amy! ;-)
...can't wait to be back in the office (imagine that)

nana said...

Happy Birthday to our little man Ben! You certainly are a cutie and Nana and Poppy wish we could be there! Will see you next month at the beach! Love and Hugs,Nana

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Ben!! I miss seeing you everyday!