Monday, March 16, 2009

better pics

i found some better pictures hanging out in a folder on my computer.
they are from last week when it was so warm and lovely outside.
now it's chilly and gray.

even horizontal man has returned.
looks like he's not done hibernating just yet.

when is spring going to be here?
and i mean here to stay.
i'm so sick of the cold.
sometimes i wish we could skip jan/feb/march and jump straight from christmas to spring break.

i threw in some other pics of a quiet time when all three kids were playing...
so. nicely. together.
for historical documentation.
you understand.

anyways, enjoy the pics.

while i type this up, anna just ran in to inform me that she, "just went poop, but no diarrhea" (how do you spell that darn word??!)
"sick people have diarrhea and i don't so that means i must not be sick anymore, RIGHT?!?"
and josh just told her she's gross so now she's yelling, "I'M NOT GROSS and I'M NOT SICK, RIGHT MOMMY??????!!!"

must go stop the yelling.

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kellymac429 said...

Aim~ That cracks me up!Did you see the commercial for that new show starting on the 26th The Motherhood-I think? Anyway,Cheryl from Curb Your Enthusiasm yells "STOP SCREAMING YOU'RE GONNA WAKE UP THE BABY!"Looks funny..& I can so relate b/c that's me everyday.Love the cute pics of your fam :)...Kell