Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a day of likes and dislikes

things i don't like:

- deadlines
- scrambling and not knowing
- being late
- not having time to go to the bathroom
- sweaty feet
- a pimple on my nose that hurts even when i yawn
- m&m's stuck in the vending machine
- forgetting to bring home a new lovely painting for ben's room
- leftovers
- piles of laundry staring me in the face
- feeling overwhelmed by work and schedules

things i like:

- a bright, sunshiney day.
- happy, running, smiley children.
- any picture anna takes with my camera (including ones with insane crazy collosal booger noses)

- a long chat with an old friend about weekends, children, clothing, decorating, and worries.
- the unbelievable generosity, patience and kindness of a sweet friend and along with that, the most heart-warming and simply touching gift i've ever received.
- feeling so blessed to have a wonderful set of parents, and being able to talk on the phone for an hour about anything
- giggling children who can't help but smile when the wind blows through their hair and makes it stand up like a bad toupee
- a husband who takes the time to be an amazing father (and takes out the trash)
- a clean sink
- big rainbow sunglasses

- chubby baby fingers and sweet dimply baby elbows
- quiet time to relax and unwind and listen to the 'once' movie soundtrack
- a big soft snuggly puppy who falls asleep on my feet

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mommaof4wife2r said...

sofie has some big boogey nose going on too! and iw ish i could pull off the rainbow sunglasses!