Tuesday, March 24, 2009

kitchen inspiration {again}

we are finally going to take the plunge.
we are having our kitchen cabinets painted white.

but now the madness ensues...should we also upgrade our counter tops? but what about the backsplash? we'll need a few new appliances too, right? and what about that new sink and faucet?

what in the world have i done?

i'm thinking just the change in the cabinets will be enough to suffice for a while. we can't afford for my little project to become a huge kitchen redo.

but all of those rational thoughts fly out the window when i look at some of these dreamy kitchens. some i've shown before, some i haven't, but they all make me so happy.
click on the pics to make them bigger. much purdier that way too.

choices, choices.
le sigh.

1 comment:

mommaof4wife2r said...

i have so many "inspirations" i will never get my kitchen redone...i think i need to knock out walls and all kinds of stuff, and that's just not feasible. i love them all...sad, but true!