Saturday, March 21, 2009

happy world down syndrome day

today is world down syndrome day, 3/21.
get it? three 21 (three 21st chromosomes)

and while i guess we should maybe have celebrated in some small happy way today, it's funny because really our day wasn't about down syndrome at all.

instead it was more about...
~chasing a quick toddler around the house.
~stopping him from going right out the front door and down the stairs after his brother.
~drying him off as he splashed and played in the dog's water bowl. again.
~singing songs and dancing and blowing raspberries on his round tummy.
~pushing him around in his cozy coupe in the warm spring sun
~watching him sit at the kitchen table, eating his lunch with his brother and sister, swinging his legs over the edge of his seat, his face covered in pizza sauce
~laughing as he chased and pulled the dog's tail. again.
~quickly scooping him up off the stairs as he quickly scrambled up laughing a naughty little laugh
~comforting him while he drifted off into a sleepy world after a long day of being a kid.

i guess that's the thing with down syndrome. most days aren't about it at all.
most days are filled with the same wonderment and awe that they always were filled with. before and after ben's birth.

happy world down syndrome day to you. now, i need to find a nice place to lay down. i'm beat!

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