Friday, April 17, 2009

the dreaded conversation??

yesterday, as i was driving home with anna and ben, anna asked me, "mommy, where do we come from?"

i didn't understand the question.
my mind raced to the possibility. was this THE dreaded question, the birds and bees talk, where do we come from?
i searched my brain a bit.
i got nothin.

but i had to say something, right?
so i started in slowly.
i told her that God makes us, all of us are different, God makes us in our mommy's tummies, and we are all so special and unique because He decided so...

quickly and seemingly annoyed, she interrupted me.
"no mommy, i mean where do we come from? 'cause like, barbie island princess, she comed from the south seas. is that where we comed from?"

finally the blood started to come back to my brain.
"oh no baby, we come from alabama and new jersey and pennsylvania. that's where we come from."

whew. that was a close one.


melissatash said...

I am still laughing! Thanks for brighting my day!

Leeann said...

LOL That is so perfect. We have had those "oh no! is this THE moment she is going to ask me about IT????" moments in my house, too.
I was refered to your blog by someone that loves it. Hope you don't mind me popping in!