Tuesday, April 14, 2009

mermaid hair

i took anna to get her hair cut today.
i wanted her to get a short bob.
john wanted just a trim. he loves her long hair.
so much so that he resorted to sales tactics: he told her that she should have long hair because all mermaids have long hair too. (he knows how much she ADORES mermaids).

in the end, anna compromised.
she chose a cute shoulder-length bob that perfectly compliments her heart-shaped face.

here she is before dance tonight (please ignore the major mess-it's a war zone around here with all the mess. oh well. i'd much rather be uploading cutey pics of anna girl than clean. deal with it.)

i can't stop looking at her. she looks totally different.
and believe it or not, i actually, sorta, kinda, really miss her long hair.
ahh, it'll grow back. someday. but she sure is purdy!

1 comment:

nana said...

Anna our little princess i love the hair cut! As your mother said you sure are purty! See you real soon. Love and kisses to all,Nana