Friday, April 10, 2009

severe weather

severe weather was all over the southeast today.
we had thunderstorms.
we had torrential rain.
we had 80 mph wind.
we had t-t-tornados. (said in a shaky, scared voice)
we even had golf ball-sized hail.
it fell so fast it looked like snow (well, except for the "plunk, plunk, PLUNK!" on the roof and windows).

after we were in the clear, the sun came out and the kids played outside for a bit.
then i made them come in, mostly to keep them from blowing away.

anna decided to write letters to the easter bunny.

josh decided to write anna a special note.
can you read what it says?

it says, "anna you are under arrest."

later on, john took benny for a haircut.
here's the super shaggy before picture.

and here's his super handsome look after.
what a cutie patootie.

hope y'all stay safe tonight!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I love the haircut...he is an angel!