Wednesday, April 8, 2009

new hairdo

i got my haircut and highlighted today.
it was really getting dark so this really felt like a huge change to me.
i called john and was semi-hyperventilating.
i'm so dramatic like that.
(wonder where anna gets it from??)

i asked anna to take a picture of me so i could show you. please be nice. it's hard for me to post pictures of myself. (yuck)

see, not that different really.
i'm over it now. it's fine.
and while i'm sharing, here's quick pics of anna and ben from tonight too.

john and josh were at the ball fields again. concession duty tonight.
so glad we're all home now and settled for the night.
it's nice to see my babies sleeping quietly in their beds, listening to their sweet little breaths.
love them so much it's crazy.

off to bed...


...Nancy said... look GREAT! :-)
miss you roomie!

nana said...

Amy i like you with your hair lighter. It makes you look younger and makes me fell younger too! The kids look like they're getting a little tan. Love the rosie cheeks! Love to all,Nana

Kelli said...

Blondes do have more fun!! :)

Liz said...

Your hair looks fabulous! And thanks for the comment!

matt said...

Hi Amy! Gotta love Facebook. Just figured I'd look you up and see how you were. You have a wonder family. In case you didn't figure it out, it is Matt Ebersold from NJ. How are you stranger? Email me