Tuesday, April 7, 2009

stuff i like part deux

my family seems to be on the mend. thank goodness.
(crossing fingers and hoping to God that i didn't just jinx us)

so i'm switching gears a bit and decided to post some more stuff i like. there's just so much neat stuff out there in blogland.

have you ever heard of the blog chez larsson? i love this site, which is sort of a surprise. it's not my typical style, but i can appreciate this family's aesthetic. there's just something so simplistic and colorful about it.

like inexpensive art made from colorful bottle caps

and again, organizing books by color. really makes the look cohesive and less cluttery.

here she used a vintage hankie with a map on it and turned it into a pillow. how simple and cool is that? i wonder if i have any cute hankies...

ok, moving on...you remember how i'm not really a scrapbooker, but how i love scrapbook stuff, right? well this post on the little things made me consider changing to a full-fledged scrapper.
i am 100% in love with these layouts and want to "scrap lift" each of them!

you know that march and april are our bday months here too.
ben just turned two and next up is josh, then anna one week later.

when i saw these cakes on parenting, i sqealed. out loud.

yep, that last one is pound cake and tinted frosting/ketchup. amazing.

ok, last one for now. (believe me, i could go on and on)

able mabel on etsy makes the cutest baby and home stuff eva!
i want to buy something, but i just can't commit.

for now, this is my favorite in her etsy shop. for now.

i think it might be a good fit for our family.
life should not only be lived it should be celebrated.

yep. i like it.

quick cookie update: there are officially all gone. anna cried this morning when josh got the last one.

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