Tuesday, May 5, 2009

beach trip, final post

the last few days at the beach flew by.
we spent most of our time trying to soak it all in and enjoy the time we had with each other.

poppy finally caught a fish (josh helped),

but it really would have missed it's mommy, so we sent him home,

uncle jay was getting frustrated. while looking out at the ocean, i told him i think the fish are over there, and pointed down the beach about 25 yards. five minutes later, he caught a pretty red fish! game on!

nana found two sand dollars while she combed the beach,

and she and anna took long walks together,

ben was perfectly content playing in his bucket of water,

and poppy continued to search the ocean, trying to figure out how i knew where those fish were,

ahhhh, it sure was a pretty sight,

john and the kids pranced near the ocean's edge and benny loved having his toes wet,

nana and poppy just chilled in the sun,

josh and anna built a sand fort, (really josh built it and anna decorated it),

and we all ate lots and lots of tootsie pops, our families favorite at the beach,

and while i watched my children playing so nicely with each other,

i knew it was getting closer to the end of our little trip.
so many memories made, so many laughs and smiles.

thank you bob and julie for the privilege of staying at your home again.
it feels like home to us and we can't wait to return again.

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mommaof4wife2r said...

i love the beach and fam at the beach is just the best! and my girlies love buckets of water at the beach too!!!