Wednesday, May 6, 2009

breakfast with nana

nana came down to help watch josh during his time off from school.
remember, the schools closed due to the swine flu.
we picked her up at the airport and headed to breakfast at cracker barrel.

we sat near these funny old family pictures.
i noticed that anna kinda looked like the lady hanging on the wall behind her so i asked her to try and make the same face the woman was making.

she was so serious and still.
we couldn't help but crack up at her!
then she lost it too.

josh wanted to see if he could look like the man hanging on the opposite wall.
and he made this goofball face that had us all rolling.

yep, we were those people in the restaurant.

the loud, unruly, make ya smile family.
it was so much fun.

and speaking of fun, check out ben's newest trick

yep, he's standing on his own.
not for very long, but he's doing it. and i couldn't be prouder.


mommaof4wife2r said...

i love being "those people"!

and way to go ben!!! he's a big boy now!!!

Chrissy said...

Aunt Jackie never looks like she ages a day! OMG BENS WALKING! I just want to kiss him to death! So cute!! The kids are so lucky to have movie nights and breakfasts with her and your dad! When I was kid your house was the best house to visit ever! I miss you guys!