Sunday, May 3, 2009

beach trip, part 2

the next few days at the beach were perfect. temperatures were in the upper 70s, not too windy, just about right.

we spend the majority of every day at the beach.
dipping our toes in the ocean,

acting like little jumping beans so the chilly waves wouldn't get us,

catching crabs and watching them give us the stink eye every time we messed with the big bucket,

giving uncle jay grief about not having a girlfriend right now (if you're interested and over 18, talk to me. he's such a good guy and sick to death of us bugging him!),

burying little mermaids in the sand,

figuring out what to do with all this white stuff,

oops, i think i was supposed to photoshop this picture! oh well, uncle jay was the only one having much luck fishing,

looking for seashells with our nana,

enjoying the sun shining on our new cutie pie hairdos,

collecting little clams in the surf for hours on end,

and watching poppy curse up and down and try to figure out how to catch a fish, any fish, to beat uncle jay.

when the day was over, poppy swore it was this goofy hat that kept the fish away!

up next, beach trip, part 3. (last one i think)

1 comment:

meg duerksen said...

hi amy!
talby got that same swimsuit for the summer as you little girl. i can't wait to see it on her.
i wish i had beach pictures! man...i miss the beach.

good to check in with you today.
have a great week!