Saturday, May 2, 2009

the library

we went to the library this morning.
the kids were so excited and happy to pick out all kinds of new books to read.

i love libraries. i have such great memories of going to the little west deptford public library. i remember the old spiral staircase that led to the lower level of the library. one time i even had a picture i drew for school as part of one of the displays there. at the time i thought i was a rock star for that. i think it was a picture of fish.

as soon as we got back, josh was complaining again about being "SOOOO BORED!!" and "I want to play outside with my friends! can someone come over?? pleaase??"

bah! this child is never satisfied. please tell me it's just a phase.
i'm trying to be patient, but it's tough. i think i yelled more these past few days than ever.

later on, while ben and anna (to my amazement) napped for three hours, i sat in my comfy chair and read annie leibovitz' new book. what a treat. and a nice way to chill out from all the yelling.

yesterday, to calm my nerves, i set off to complete a little project that i've wanted to do for months now. i wanted to have a couple of cute and meaningful black and white pictures of the kids in the downstairs bathroom. i was sick to death of my yardsale and hand me down prints that were hanging there.

for about $15.00, i made these.

i know it's just a little update, but sometimes it's the smallest thing that changes the way we feel about our homes.

walmart prints of the kids: 12 cents each
walmart frames: $3.00 each
walmart mats for frames: $1.50 each
leftover paint and sanding: free

now i'm happy and i love looking at my kiddos every time i use that room.
so much better.

now for a swine flu update.......................................................

we are officially stuck at home because of the swine flu. we are still fine, but there are multiple cases of it all around our little city. the school board has extended the shut down and they are now closing the schools for TWO WEEKS!! i have a feeling there's going to be a lot more yelling around here if we're all stuck at home that long.

tomorrow i'm hoping for no rain and a busy, happy family.
me included.


Kim said...

Love the pictures! They look great! It is a good project for the weekend that we've had. And I take it the pics are from the beach? What a nice reminder of your trip...

mommaof4wife2r said...

listen...spray paint and cheap frames, are my love language.

Lisa said...

I love your new pictures! Missed you while you were at the beach. Your blog is one of my favorite places to visit :)...