Thursday, May 14, 2009


our sweet girl graduated from preschool tonight.
she wasn't nervous one bit. just all smiles.

the children put on a few skits before the diploma ceremony.
anna was in the "four" little pigs. (some of the piggies here are mommy and daddy pigs)

she and luke wanted to build their house out of bricks so their friend shared some bricks with them,

and someone forgot their lines so mrs. betty helped out a bit (they are looking at her here),

once they got their bricks,

they built their house and went inside,

then the big bad wolf came by and knocked,

and she huffed and she puffed,
and luckily they were safe.

the funniest was when the wolf said, "awww, RATS! i think i'll have chicken for dinner!"

then the group sang some songs and even performed one with sign language.
it was adorable and heartwarming.
i teared up a little. just a little.

then is was time for the diplomas.
i thought i was ready for this, but i wasn't.

and i got a shaky picture from trying to focus the camera and my eyes (through my tears)--at the same time.

my baby girl is officially a kindergartner now.
excuse me while i wipe my eyes and blow my nose.


...Nancy said...

yeah for Anna! :-)

...Nancy said...

PS - your 'pic of the week'...that is why dogs bite people. Poor Buck!
...i do love it though, soooo funny!....