Monday, May 11, 2009

mommy day

it was a real treat having my mom here for mothers' day this year.
we spent most of the weekend shopping and eating--told you it was a treat.

tonight i searched my camera to find a good picture of my mom to post, but honestly my camera hasn't seen much action lately. but i did manage to find this beauty

the quintessential photo of my mom (she hates having her pic taken)!

sunday morning i slept in a little and john made me pancakes and a smoothie for breakfast. he and the kids bought me a few special gifts and my favorite--homemade cards. it was a quiet, nice day for the most part. but later on, as it got closer to bedtime, the kids got whiny and disrespectful. we were all ready for the day to come to an end. but for the most part, it was a nice mommy day.

ben made a big leap this weekend. he moved into a toddler bed and said goodbye to his crib. i'm still amazed at how easy (knock on wood) it was, and how well he transitioned. once again, i underestimated my child. duh. you would think this time around i would have a clue, but nooooo.

sorry for the bad pic, but as soon as i snapped this, he started stirring and waking up and i had to exit quickly!!

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