Saturday, May 16, 2009

hey, good lookin'!

this morning we went to anna's dance recital.

she performed a tap routine to the song "hey, good lookin'!"

she was so brave to go on such a big stage.
i couldn't believe how well they did.
john bought her some flowers and i bought her a new webkin for all of her hard work.

i would like to say that it was a wonderful morning, but really it wasn't.
i was mean mommy from the git-go. mean crabby mommy.

i should have been grateful for a full night's sleep.
instead i was annoyed at ben for waking up at 6:00am on a saturday.

i should have been happy that john made the kids breakfast.
instead i was mad at the bacon grease and messy pans and dishes.

i should have been sentimental while i put makeup on anna for her dance recital.
instead i was aggravated that she wouldn't stay still or listen.

i should have been happy to have the opportunity to watch my only daughter dance on a stage that i just recently watched harry connick jr. sing on.
instead i sat there feeling sorry for myself and for anna that none of our family could be there to see her. i felt sorry for being alone and not surrounded by family.

my entire morning went like this.
i was mean crabby beyotch mommy. (and wifey)
but i'm trying to be better.

new webkins for all the kids (= happy kiddos), neighborhood lemonade wagon sales (= super happy josh and friends) and pizza for dinner (= no dishes and clean kitchen) really seemed to help...

this afternoon john, jason and anna went and picked up a new craigslist find.
we traded our old salvation army shabby chic dining set for this new old table and chairs set.

i think i like it. i was sick to death of everything being painted white and needed some warmth. jason and john think it was a great deal. $120 for the whole set.

mom, i'm gonna need your opinion on this one. and kristi, whenever you want to come over and help me style it all...

tonight i'm chilling on the sofa with john.
i'm hoping that tomorrow will be much, much better.
(i'm sure john's hoping too.)


Kim said...

Anna looks so cute!!

And I am diggin' your new table...very cool. I am anxious to see how you "style it". :)

nana said...

Hey guys, Just saw the new table and chairs and love them. Wow what a difference. Anna looked adorable and we are so proud od her. How much money did Josh make at his lemonnade stand? He looks very happy too. And Ben is very sweet too! Love to all Nana