Sunday, May 17, 2009

the soup

i'm sitting at the kitchen table feeding ben some soup for lunch.
josh is eating a popsicle (reward for cleaning up his room) at the table too.

anna walks over.
"mommy, can i have some of benny's soup?"

josh interrupts, "i don't want that kind. i want some of daddy's kind of soup (ramen noodles)."
anna changes her mind quickly. "oooh, i want that kind too!"

so i instruct her to go look in the pantry and see if we have any.
of course she opens it up, gives a quick cursory look and exclaims, "we don't have any!"

she proceeds with a semi- breakdown.

"look on the bottom shelf," i tell her.
"but there aren't any (said while looking at the middle shelf)!!"
"look on the BOTTOM shelf," i tell her.
"i am!!"
"which one is the bottom?" i ask.

josh again interrupts, "that's not the bottom anna. THAT'S the bottom (while pointing)."

"ohhh, ok. heehee. there's none there."

"look in the basket, maybe under the bread, " i tell her.
she lifts up hot dog rolls. she lifts up a box of leftover movie candy.
"look under the BREAD, " i tell her.
"i did!"

josh again interrupts, "that's the ROLLS, not the bread."

"ohhh, ok. heehee. there's none there either. but i can't reach! i'm not high enough to see."

josh says proudly, " I AM! i am tall enough to see."
so i kindly ask him, "please then, go help your sister and find it for her."

"FIND WHAT??!," he asks.

this, my friends, is why i'm losing my mind.

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