Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ahh, much better

last night i resolved to be a better mommy today.
i focused a little better, breathed a little deeper and carefully chose my words.
i would not allow myself to be lured to the dark side by bad attitudes and a tearful breakdown.

in short, i would choose the higher road.

and you know what?
it worked.
like a charm.

john had class again tonight so i met him at daycare and all three kiddos piled in the car. we voted on mcdonald's drivethru and everyone was happy. josh even shared his fries with ben.

when we got home, josh went out to play with shane and ben followed anna around.
i cleaned up the kitchen and picked up some in the living room and then i took the other kids outside too.

when john came home, i was pushing ben around in his car and sweeping the sidewalk, anna was riding her bike and josh was playing baseball.

everyone was happy and most of all, no yelling.
what a nice change.

ben came home with pink eye today.
his right eye is all goopy and weepy.
it actually looks itchy and painful. poor baby.
we have eye drops from anna's last bout with it so hopefully the medicine will do its magic and he'll be back to being benny bright eyes in no time!

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Kelli said...

That darn daycare!!