Thursday, June 11, 2009

the little man

driving home from work today was rather strange.
i had my car lights on since it was raining, but i also had my sunglasses on since it was sunny.


and, i was driving behind a truck with port-o-potties in the back.
a LOT of port-o-potties.

i kept wondering if they were full or empty.
and hoped they were empty.

i ended up spending most of my night though with this little man.

ben is a bundle of energy.
he is quick to give kisses: lower lip poked out just so, even with a complimentary "MMMM" to go with it.
honestly is there anything better?
no way.

his eyes are still really goopy.
now both eyes.

and it doesn't help that john tried to put his drops in his eyes while he was sleeping! poor ben, to be awakened like that!
bad daddy. i don't think john will be doing that again.

little man didn't like that one bit.

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