Sunday, June 7, 2009

baseball playoffs

we have spent our entire weekend at the ball fields.
josh's team is in the playoffs and had games friday, saturday and today.

the tournament is double-elimination.
of course they have won more games this weekend than they have all season. yipee.

ok, you may have caught on to my sarcasm here.
baseball isn't my thing. it's way tooooo slow-paced for me. and when it's 90 degrees and no shade, hhmmmmm, again, not my thing.

but still, we go. and they kept winning.

we'll play again on tuesday. oh joy.
ok, i'll stop that.

ben and anna love going.
i think it may have to do with all the ballpark food.
hot dogs, popcorn, snow cones, purple gatorade. yes please!

anna loves playing with all the little sisters.

under the bleachers, in the dirt. don't all kids?

ben likes to sit on the edge of the bleachers and let his feet hang.
he loves to cheer josh on

and swing his little legs back and forth.

yes, i did take a picture of his chubby little legs.
i'm totally smitten with them.

saturday night, my incredibly hunky husband (who's also vying for the father-of-the-year award) decided to put this up in our backyard

and invite josh, anna and one of josh's friends to sleep out with him.

to say they were excited is an understatement.
plus a sleepover, in the tent, and with a fire...all on the summer list!

i think the neatest thing about the tent is how you can keep the roof like this if you want to.

the kids played in it all afternoon.

when the sun went down, they roasted marshmallows, played on the swingset in the moonlight and actually slept out all. night. long.

i didn't sleep so well--i kept waiting to hear them come inside.

at 6am john came in the house, exhausted and sore. i couldn't help but giggle at him.

but instead of complaining too much, he proceeded to make the kids green pancakes for breakfast (and announced to the children: "they're green because of all the boogers i put in them for you!" to which they replied, "GROSS! COOL! YUMMY!).

and he let me take a nap.

wait, it's all starting to come together now...he must want something.
oh no. i'm a goner.

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nana said...

Looks like all of you had a great week-end!Dad and i mowed grass and weeded. Then dad fertilized.Then dad worked on Sunday night and i watched the Phillies win( great road trip)!I want to tell Josh to keep winning but don't want to jinks him! Anna,you look like you had a blast and Ben you did too! Love those little legs too! Love to all,Nana