Thursday, June 25, 2009

FREE glidden paint

no joke.
click on the link below

and choose a color.
in 3-4 weeks, you get a FREE quart of glidden paint in eggshell finish.

i chose peacock blue (gonna try a blue front door. i am going to do it. i really am)
and i also ordered one in john's name in crisp linen white.

i'm so happy i feel like rhymin!

"my name is jimmy,
i'll take what you give me"

or try this one...

"if it's free, it's for me!"

but hurry!
offer only good until july 2nd or until supplies last...hop on over!


...Nancy said...

Creamy Buttermilk for me! :-) I have a little bedside table that needs a facelift.

megan said...

I hopped on over here from mmmcrafts, since I live in Huntsvegas, too. I got to "meet" you and got myself some free paint - what a great deal!