Tuesday, June 23, 2009

lucky bday

i started today off in a funk.
but since so many nice things were done for me today, my birthday, i'd rather not think about that.

i got out of the shower this morning and the kids were waiting for me with birthday cards and presents.
john got me one of lisa leonard's bracelets (LOVE IT) and a set of small ironstone platters to add to my collection (SUPER LOVE IT).

the kids got me a music card and recorded their voices saying "happy birthday mommy, we love you!".
ben sorta broke it already, but that's ok. he loves music cards too.

at work my friend nancy got my entire team to sign a birthday card for me. (sweet)
and she made me a strawberry margarita cake too! (SUPER SWEET)

we had our team picnic at lunch.
i signed up to compete in the homemade ice cream contest.
really i was tricked into signing up, but that's ok.
the chocolate hazelnut ice cream anna and i made last night won first place.

and everyone sang to me too. that was really kinda embarrassing and goofy.
but nice too.

my sister and niece and nephew sent me really beautiful bday cards.
and my auntie suzanne called me too. i miss hearing her laugh.
i got tons of bday wishes on facebook. so many thoughtful words.

for dinner we got chinese takeout and the kids brought me a cake.
josh took this picture as anna and i blew out the candle together.

i'm in my jammies at 6:19pm.
we are getting new granite countertops tomorrow morning.
my farmhouse sink is installed and sparkling.
ben has been walking more and more today than ever.

it's been a very lucky bday.
i am a very lucky woman.


Lisa said...

Dang, I'm a day late. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like it was a great day, after all.

...Nancy said...

happy to get you out of your funk!