Tuesday, June 2, 2009

staying busy

ever since school let out, our days seem filled to the max.

anna and josh are in summer camp and loving it.
anna starts gymnastics this week.

josh is finishing up baseball (just starting playoffs).
ben is still in preschool and is taking more and more steps every day.
we are thinking of putting ben into a special speech program. (reminder to self: call speech people and set up meeting time).
and he still does occupational therapy and physical therapy every other week.

we have our plates full.

it seems like there is less and less time for myself. and less and less time for john and i too.

as a parent, i like to think that there has to be a balance.
i know there is. we only have three children and we both work. big deal.

there are millions of other families that have much more going on and they figure it out. or maybe we all move along, finding our way as we go. that may be more like it.

any way, this summer, one of my goals is to make time to be with my family, to be with john on our own, and for myself.

and have a lot of fun along the way.
after all, it is summer. my favorite time of the year. flipflops, popsicles and sprinklers. yum.

my next post will be our list of things we want to do this summer.
kind of like this list meg did with her family last year.

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what will be on your list?

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nana said...

I think the first thing on "your" list should be -go see nana and poppy for a week or two! Let's go to the beach-Jersey shore beach! What do you say! Love to all Nana