Saturday, June 20, 2009

stuff i like part 2 (or 3, i forget)

first thing's first,
ben is starting to feed himself with utensils.
developmentally, this is an important skill.
cleanlinessly, this is not fun for me.

but i like it all the same.

second up, even though my kitchen looks like this at this moment,

i've had this view all day and i like it!

we are starting to slowly redo the kitchen on a supremely small budget.
case in point, we bought a farmhouse sink, but john is installing it.
i officially have eaten every single piece of chocolate in the house because i'm so nervous.

other funny stuff:
anna is obsessed with band-aids.
she's had one on a teeny tiny cut on her leg for almost a week now.
every time the old one falls off, she freaks out and gets a new one.
last night i looked and there is nothing left to the cut. it's all gone.
i convinced her to abandon the band-aid and she did.
but this morning one mysteriously appeared on her finger.

i bribed josh and his friend shane (the "ginormous" boy from last post) to weed my flower beds.
$2.00 later and they look pretty. darn. good.
money well spent.

to be continued...

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