Wednesday, June 17, 2009

just another wednesday night

after dinner tonight, we all just hung out together.
josh and his friend shane played the wii and ben was happy to watch.

yes, shane is a ginormous eight year old.
it's not your imagination.

the kids have been busy at camp, crafting their little hearts out.
they begged john to open a few things they had made him.
so we had a little father's day celebration a few days early.

matching hammer bookmarks and handmade cards.
john told the kiddos over and over how much he loved his gifts.
anna, especially, was very pleased with herself.
we're planning just a few more tiny gifts for sunday.

right now, the house is quiet.

my eyes are burning a little from lack of sleep.
my goal is to hit the pillow at 9:30. it's been hard to get to bed before 11pm lately.
my mind is not stopping at all. constant ideas and lists running through like a cnn ticker.
not very fun when you're exhausted.

i think tomorrow i'll do a 'favorite things' post. so much goodness out there that needs to be shared.
good night, sleep tight.

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