Wednesday, July 29, 2009

chicken noodle

i've been sick for three days now.
i think ben passed it to me, and now i've passed it to anna.
but we're getting better.

tonight it was me and the kiddos for supper.
because i can't stand up for a long time, it had to be simple.
chicken noodle soup and crackers.

ben works so hard to pick up the skinny noodles and teeny tiny carrots.

he thinks he's so funny and of course there's that kissy face again.

because anna's sick, she gets to drink ginger ale.
we rarely buy soda so she thinks she's getting a special treat.

josh just wants to gross me out with all of his noodle teeth.

who knew chicken noodle soup could be so entertaining?


nana said...

Hope all of you are feeling better today. I can't gey over how much Ben looks like Josh in these pictures! All are just to cute for words! Anna my dear, you are one lucky kiddo, having gingerale! Well love to all, Nana

Tausha said...

found your blog from Meg-so glad that I did. You were a fantastic reminder of what life is about and how happy we should be about all the little things! You rock girlfriend!! PS
so jealous of your kitchen. Looks FANTASTIC! Now, want to fly to utah and help me do mine??