Thursday, July 16, 2009

dump cake part 2

i work with a bunch of scavengers.
so after the third or fourth person came in my office holding a fork, looking for dump cake (which was licked clean), i figured out quickly that i needed to make another one.
and fast.

so tomorrow, i hope everyone brings their forks for the dump cake, part 2.

and just to be sure everyone's happy, i'm also making a cherry pineapple version to go along with it.

yeesh, these people are wearing me out! :)

happy eating!

p.s. thanks for asking about anna jean. she's back to herself today--bossy and full of drama!

1 comment:

...Nancy said...

i am a confessed scavenger! thanks for saving me a piece yesterday. today i am paying you back in corn and green beans. :-)