Sunday, July 19, 2009

family time

weekends are family time for us.
we both work so our weekends are usually pretty jam-packed.
but this weekend, we just did stuff for us.

saturday we went yard saleing (all of us together).
anna squealed when she found this bird family to bring home,

when we were leaving one sale, i saw this sign in the distance and started laughing

can you see what i saw?


i also dragged the kids to a couple thrift stores, to the farmers' market, chic-fil-a for milkshakes, to walmart, the dollar store...they didn't care.

i told them they could have a shaving cream fight (inspired by meg) in the front yard when we got home.
oh yes we did.

the neighbors had to stop and watch.
and the kids had a blast.

later on we ate outside on the deck for dinner.
simple summer food like brats, hot dogs, corn on the cob, tomato slices.

uncle jay and blue came over and we lit a small campfire.

we let josh have a friend sleep over and we all went to bed smelling of campfire smoke and toasted marshmallows.

today john is finishing up the kitchen, putting in the under cabinet lighting and the last of the drawer pulls.
i'm putting away the kitchen stuff that has made its home in our dining room for the past few weeks and just some general (and very necessary) picking up.

kiddos are zipping between our neighbors yards, enjoying this A-M-A-Z-I_N-G weather.
the windows are open and the breeze is blowing.
ben is constantly giving me kissy kisses.
i keep thinking, "ahhhhhh, summer. never end, summer. we love you so, summer."

right this very moment, john is peeling fresh shrimp in the kitchen and the house smells like old bay seasoning.
because i've been on the computer for a while now and ben's been on the loose, i just discovered that a cup full of water is now spilled all over the kitchen floor, an entire box of tissues has been pulled out one by one and is now piled on the living room carpet, and there are magnetic alphabet letters thrown all over the place.

i guess it's time to get back to it.
oh wait, yes, this little girl is telling me, it's time. no more computer.

yes, sweet girl. mommy's coming.

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nana said...

Amy you never cease to amaze me! The kids looked like they had a blast with the shaving cream! However, where was Ben! I know he would have loved to be creamed too! Where are the pictures of the finished kitchen? I know, bossy me wants to see! Love to all,Nana